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28 april 2022


After The project week in Kask Ghent Sebastian Vielma Flieschhacker went to the province of Liege Belgium to tall about bring his Project territorial sticks in relationship with The reset Mobile.after 2 hours of building up the construction the owner of the land asked him to stop the project and they reduced the reset mobile as blanket to sit on top

Schermafbeelding 2022-05-29 om 22.10.44.png
Schermafbeelding 2023-01-30 om 09.13.29.png


After the trip, Robijns created a series of 24 drawings inspired by film stills. Reproductions of this series were installed in Antwerp on 24 poles in the public space with the Tommy Simoens gallery on Falconplein as the geographic center. Each "meridian" drawn on the map was numbered from 1 to 24 and became the "lines" on which Robijns would continue his artistic process. This was the beginning of the 24 poles project. First local and close to the center and later as far as New York and  Rome (on line 13) in a process that is still unfinished. At each of these poles, an artist was invited to make an artistic intervention. 


On Line 6, Cel Crabeels in Antwerp and Ellen Harvey in Ny were the first artists to collaborate. Crabeels went to a local SM store in the Antwerp port area, near the first pole on Line 6, and bought a metal collar with pins that he attached to the top of the pole as a reminder to the local community of the generic urban furniture in Antwerp. In Ny, on Kent avenue in Williamsburg, artist Ellen Harvey attached one of Robijns' reproduced drawings of his Japanese travels to a public pole while having an artistic conversation with Robijns about the implications of the Reset Mobile project in a megacity context. 


Other participants to date have included artists Willo Gonnissen, Jacob Lambrecht, Enrico Marcon and Hugo Duchateau.


All 24 'lines' are documented in a series of aluminum boxes, each bearing the number of the line and with drawings, photographs and a map relating to the actions realized. All the artists active on the lines can be seen in the documentaries wearing T-shirts bearing the number of their respective "line. The template used to create them is in fact the cover of these boxes. Two maps mark the 24 lines locally and internationally. 



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