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In 2011 Gert Robijns created a huge scale model of his native village Gotem, which he put at the head of the runway of a former military base. He made a copy of the village centre, a reconstruction of the typical  church and an adjoining house, in metal and wood, at a scale of 75/100. This was the start of a series of ambitious reset projects in the province of Limburg, Belgium.

In 2014 Robijns acquired the house of his grandparents in Gotem. He had a clear idea of the reset he wanted to bring about, he saw the opportunity to transform the ordinary house into a large spatial work of art, where there would be room for creation and exhibition. He kept only two of the original walls and added, just centimetres further, a new monumental volume, oriented to the landscape. Reset Home serves now as an artist’s studio and presentation space. Every year two artists are invited to stay and show their work.

>Reset The Village                                                                                                                      >        military runway                           

>Reset Haspengouw                                                                                        >      Borgloon        

28 november 2022
dorp sent.jpg
RH kl.jpg
>Reset Haspengouiw                                                                                                                >        Grootloon   
>Reset Mobile                                                                                                                             >        Lombaardsijde

Soon after, he started thinking about how the reset idea could be applied to the surroundings, to the southern part of the province, called Haspengouw, a region dominated by fruit farming. Robijns is working on a model, a kind of conservatory, in which artistic practice can be linked to the landscape and agricultural activities. 

During the covid epidemic, Gert Robijns and architect Seppe Claes developed a mobile open studio. The form is simple and yet surprising: namely a parachute , which, so to speak, drops down somewhere and unfolds into a protective dome under which all kinds of activities can take place. The parachute has a diameter of 12 metres, is spherical around a central aluminium support, stretched in a wide circle and anchored by sturdy poles. It has 24 segments, which refer to the 24 hours of the day and the same number of time zones in the world. It has already been in Argentina. Next trip: Japan.


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